Aleko Sardanashvili Wine Cellar

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Aleko Sardanashvili Wine Cellar is Family wine cellar, located in the village of Kvanchkara a famous PDO of Racha-Lechkhumi. Wine is made and stored here in Qvevri and oak barrels, the grapes are coming from the cellar’s own vineyards. 

The family owned total area of old and new vineyards in the village Khvanchkara amounts to almost one hectare of land. They produce about 300 liters of Khvanchkara wine, more than half ton of Tsulukidze’s Tetra and Tsolikouri.

Baia's Wine

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Baia’s Wine is a women-empowered family business in the village of Obcha, one of the first organic wine producers in Bagdati Municipality. This family brings new life and energy to the winemaking scene. Winemakers made wine from endemic grape varieties growing in Western Georgia. 

Baia’s Wine sits in the western part of Georgia, closer to the Black Sea. The Caucasus mountains to the north trap the humid sea air, making it a suitable environment for winemaking. Obcha village has a special microclimate, thanks to which such a fine wine is obtained. 

Baia is often hosting wine events and wine tastings. Visitors can experience warm and welcoming Georgian hospitality here and taste delicious Imeretian dishes.

Chateau Buera

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Winemaking, expanded vineyards and a fabulous Renaissance-style palace, this is Château Buera, a distinguished place for wine lovers. Here, modernity and ancient winemaking traditions are tied up and this leaves unforgettable impressions. The vineyards of Château Buera in the Napareuli microzone are spread on alluvial, rocky soils of the Northern slope and expand over 5 hectares of land.

The high towers of the palace look as if they invite you to a fantastic world. Guests can taste local wine of the highest quality and get to know the wine cellar, situated entirely on the first floor of the Château.

Château Buera is also an ideal place to plan remarkable events and celebrate special dates. Amazing views of the Caucasus make everything even more impressive. 

Chateau Dio

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Family hotel and winery Chateau Dio is located 2 kilometers from Ambrolauri, in village Dzirageuli. With its calming views and pleasant environment, Chateau Dio is an ideal place for relaxing with family and friends. 

Chateau has a family cellar where a range of ancestral wines are made according to traditional methods. The wines can be sampled on the spot, along with delicious local cuisine, organic fruits and homemade honey. 

The vineyard is located right in the well-kept yard, and during the vintage season visitors are welcome to participate in grape picking.

Chateau Mukhrani

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Château Mukhrani is the first Georgian Royal Chateau, which unites four key components: vineyards, winery, castle and history. Since 1878 Château Mukhrani has been crafting the finest wines of Georgia.

Mukhranian wine production was established by Ivane Mukhranbatoni, a famous representative of the royal family. A truly noble Château Mukhrani European palace was a cultural center of the Georgian elite. The palace is widely known for its fabulous beauty, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Georgia.

Wines of Ivane Mukhranbatoni were always distinguished by their exquisite taste. Today Mukhranian products are made with a mixture of modern and traditional technologies. Chateau Mukhrani restaurant Samepo Marani 1878 offers its visitors a top-class service and a specially selected “A La Carte” menu, representing a synthesis of the best Georgian and European traditions. 

Chona's Marani

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"Chona’s Marani" is the family winery, located in the city Telavi, Kakheti Region. The family has a long tradition of producing natural wines that is transmitted by generations and is based on Kakhetian traditional technology, which implies producing wine in the Qvevri.

Wine is produced from grapes grown in the family's own vineyards. The vineyard is maintained according to bio-organic rules. Maintenance of the vineyard, grapes, wine making and bottling - is carried out by family members.

In the vineyards of Chona’s Marani, the vintage begins at the end of September. Wine making is traditionally accompanied by Georgian polyphonic songs, which is an integral part of the family and is accompanied by wine tasting.

Chubini Wine Cellar

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Chubini Wine Cellar is a small family winery, producing natural and authentic Qvevri wines. Winery is located in Village Shilda, at the foothills of Caucasus Mountain, with a spectacular panorama view on Alazani River Valley.

Endemic Georgian grape varieties, unique method of Qvevri winemaking, natural and organic approach – these are the characteristics that make Chubini wines special.

Here you can experience famous Georgian Hospitality with its very special meaning. Visitors are hosted personally by the owner, who will introduce the history of Georgian wine making, local grapes and viticulture

Gaioz Sopromadze Wine Cellar

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Family wine cellar, located in Western Georgia, Imereti, that focused on producing only natural wine with low/minimal intervention from local grape varieties like Tsitska, Tsolikouri, Krakhuna, Dzelshavi, Ckhaveri ect. and using Qvevri for fermentation.

Today Gaioz and two of his sons produce 9 different wines by traditional Imeretian technology (minimal skin contact and adding not the total but only third part of pulp or less). The most important thing for Sopromadze`s family is the honest way of winemaking, vinecare and saving nature.

Visitors can set expectations for true Georgian winemaking experience with an utmostly hospitable winemakers' family. Natural qvevri wines from Imeretian autochthonous grapes in a traditional entourage, accompanied with the no less traditional and famous Georgian hospitality and feast, with delicious Imeretian dishes prepared according to traditional Georgian recipes. 

Ghvardzelashvilis Marani

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Ghvardzelashvilis Marani is family-run winery located in the rich Alazani River Valley in Georgia’s famous Kakheti region. The vineyard is situated with views of the stunning Caucasus Mountains and Alazani Valley.

Ghvardzelashvilis Marani produces distinguishable natural wine with traditional Georgian methods and is known for their variety of fruit flavor. The winery produces natural unfiltered wines following traditional Qvevri winemaking methods.

Ghvardzelashvilis Marani Winery is passionate about every bottle of wine that is produced from here. With growing vines with love and care and tending to their all needs, all grapes grown here are grown here through organic processes. 

Gogi Margvelidze’s Wine Cellar

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Gogi Margvelidze’s Wine Cellar is a small family owned wine cellar and is located in the center of Ambrolauri. The cellar is surrounded by its own vineyards. Primary Aleksandouli, Mujuretuli, Tsulukidzis Tetra and Kabistoni are cultivated here. 

Family winery is even older and dates back to the times when it was run by Gogi’s father and his grandfather. It was only a couple of years ago that the family, which used a huge amount of grapes (5 tons) for its own consumption (distribution of grapes to the relatives and friends, selling of the rest) turned winemaking into a business. Visitors can enjoy a warm welcome and true hospitality here.

Guramishvilis Marani

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Guramishvili’s Marani is located in the historic Mtskheta-Mtianeti region of Georgia and has a special historical significance for the area. Guramishvili’s Marani was built in the 19th century by Tadeoz Guramishvili. The cellar is considered as one of the unique architectural monuments of the 19th century. Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking Company reconstructed and reopened it in 2015, equipping the cellar with the latest modern technology and infrastructure.

By combining traditional and modern practices, the winery seeks to preserve old Georgian wine making traditions and continue to raise awareness of Georgia’s cultural heritage.

Visitors are able to get introduced to Georgian culture, ancient Restored Vineyards of the Winery and taste some delicious Georgian wines. This sight of Guramishvilis and St. Ilia the Righteous is one of the most essential and magnificent tourist attractions in Georgia.

Javakhishvilis Cellar

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Javakhishvili Cellar is located in Kvareli, Kakheti region. The ancient architectural style will bring you back to 17th century Georgia. Complex includes: a large cellar, wine tasting rooms, chacha factory, as well as halls for the production and sorting of wine, gazebos and fireplaces.