Homemade Wine Festival


The family-made wine festival is held every year in Batumi, a beautiful city on the Black Sea coast of Georgia. The organizer of the event is Metropol of Batumi and Lazeti.

The family-made wine festival serves to promote wine and grapes in Georgia and the number of participants is increasing every year. The festival lasts for several days and winemakers from different parts of Georgia participate in it.

The event ends with a concert with the participation of the Georgian Symphony Orchestra and other famous Georgian musicians.

New Wine Festival


Having become people’s favorite fiesta over the recent years, the New Wine Festival strives to promote Georgian wine, improve wine education and enhance consumption culture in Georgia. Since 2010, the significance of the festival has increased, with new family wineries and wine companies emerging in the market to offer their harvest.

It is not only wine producers that look forward to the festival every year. Both Georgian and foreign wine professionals, wine writers, wine bars and restaurants, wine enthusiasts make arrangements for this pleasant meetup. So do the world’s famous wine masters, sommeliers, importers and wine writers, who make sure the second Saturday of May is well saved on their calendars.

The festival is open for all guests. Among other enjoyable things, there is good music, fun agenda, and a lottery giving the opportunity to win barrels filled with the best wine.

Zero Compromise


The “Zero Compromise” is a natural wine fair, it is one of the fundamental dates for those who want to connect with the most spiritual and natural side of wine, but it is also a celebration and an opportunity for professionals and the public will become familiar with the people, traditions and flavors of the authentic Georgia.

Created by John Okro and John Wurdeman, - recognized winemakers and producers of natural wines and organized together with the Association of natural wines of Georgia. All collaborate to organize tours among the participating wineries, carry out activities at the fair and divulge their way of making wine. Friendly, close and full of wisdom, going to visit them is an experience that comforts the soul and the senses.

WinExpo Georgia


WinExpo Georgia is a leading wine industry exhibition with a continuous 15-year tradition. It has been the best opportunity for Georgian producers to present their products to both the local and international markets. The exhibition is attended by wine agents, traders, representatives of hotels and restaurants, medium and large retail chains, profile shops, wine professionals or amateurs, and international media.

In the fall, the wine exhibition is held in the 3rd pavilion and outdoor space of ExpoGeorgia. In parallel with the wine exhibition, a market for farmers' natural products is organized in the area, which allows farmers from different regions to present a variety of products to a wide audience.

WinExpo is the only trade fair in Georgia which focuses on Wine, Spirits and related services. The event combines the traditional trade fair with a comprehensive event-program, running concurrently with the trade event. 

International Qvevri Wine Symposium


“The International Symposium of Qvevri Wine has been held once every two years since 2011. The aim of the symposium is to educate the Georgian public and international community about the ancient traditions and Qvevri winemaking methods, the unique nature of the Qvevri as a vessel for wine, how Qvevris are made and the danger of losing the art and the history of winemaking in Georgia.

Scientists, wine experts, sommeliers, veteran winemakers and other wine sector representatives attend the event. The symposium is a good chance for the participants to share experiences and views on tendencies and challenges in the field of wine.

Cheese Festival


Outdoor cheese festival where unique varieties of sweet, salty, smoky and creamy traditional Georgian cheese can be tasted.

Black Sea Wine Festival


Black Sea Wine Festival is organized by the Georgian Wine Foundation in Batumi. Every year, up to a hundred wine producers present hundreds of species of Georgian wine and Georgian vodka (Chacha).

The International Black Sea Wine Festival gives tourists, traveling in Batumi, the opportunity to get acquainted with the samples of the Georgian art and the Georgian wine from the “first hand” and to meet with producers. Guests also can enjoy Ethno culinary exhibition, tasting of Georgian cheese, dry fruits, and Georgia snack “Churchkhela,” or participate in culinary masterclasses.

The end of the event is accompanied by a concert of Georgian bands and musicians in Batumi Boulevard. August sun, sea and wine are the perfect combination for an unforgettable summer adventure.



Tbilisoba is an annual October festival which celebrates the diversity and history of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. It was first held on October 28, 1979, and has since become an established tradition.

The festival features open-air concerts of traditional music and dancing and various cultural events, centered on Old Tbilisi, the historical part of the city. Beyond celebrating the city's past and present, people from all over Georgia represent their region at the fair of the harvest and Rtveli. Awarding honorary citizenship of Tbilisi by the city government also occurs in the framework of Tbilisoba.

Being in Tbilisi is a unique opportunity to get to know the culture, tradition, unique flavors and wines of all corners of Georgia without leaving the capital. With the diversity and scale of entertainment events, Tbilisi is the biggest festival in the region, which leaves an unforgettable impression on every guest.

JAZZ & WINE Kakheti


"Jazz and Wine Kakheti" is an annual festival and is held in Kakheti, the main region of Georgian winemaking. The harmonious combination of music and wine, famous jazz stars and rare and unique Georgian wines presented by local wineries will take the festival guests into a special adventure.

Traditionally in the festival are participating world famous musicians. Among them are Dwayne Dopsie, Aglio Olio & Swing, Yessa, Bahama Soul Club, Judith Hill and others.

Within the festival „Jazz and Wine Kakheti“ in addition to the concerts, number of events related to the wine theme, take place - Georgian wine companies arrange wine tasting and with jazz music on the background, guests are able to taste different kinds of wine; Famous sommeliers introduce wine lovers about interesting facts and details about wine; Within two days, guests of the festival are also able to participate in harvesting the grapes, making Georgian delights Churchkhela and in wine making with the famous musicians.

Georgian Wine Week


Georgian Wine Week "Wine Days in Georgia" is the country's largest wine festival, within the framework of which events are held in all cities of Georgia. It is a celebration of Georgian wine, which unites the entire country around the 8000-year history of winemaking.

During one week, big and small cities of Georgia host guests with local wines and unique drinks. In the spaces specially prepared for the festival, guests can enjoy a wide variety of Georgian dishes, snacks and participate in culinary master classes.

Along with entertainment events, thematic discussions, exhibitions and cognitive spaces are organized. This festival is a unique opportunity to learn about the history of Georgian winemaking, taste unique Georgian wines and participate in local public celebrations, accompanied with Georgian songs and traditional fiesta. 



The traditional wine festival, Telavino, is held in the yard of the historical palace of Erekle II in Telavi, Kakheti wine region. More than 100 different kinds of wine, chacha and brands produced by large and small wineries are presented at the festival.

Festival guests have the opportunity to taste and buy various types of wine, chacha and other alcoholic beverages of grape origin, attend improvised performances and concerts of local choreographic ensembles. Within the framework of the event, expositions related to vintage traditions and winemaking are presented, and an exhibition and sale of traditional craft samples and handicrafts are organized.

Gurjaani Wine Festival


Gurjaani Wine Festival has been held since 2017, each year in Gurjaani, Kakheti wine region. The event is becoming successful from year to year. The festival combines wines of different types, colors and ages, as well as chacha and other drinks of more than 300 winemakers. Location is decorated with a culinary space specially created for the wine festival, together with the authentic dishes created on the spot by the chefs invited.

Every year the festival widgets entertaining programs, inspired by lively and pleasant music, in a beautiful recreation area covered in autumn colors, where people of any age spend an interesting time with friends and family.