Ukrainian Wine Tourism? Great choice! 

The first wineries on the territory of Ukraine appeared in the fourth century BC. The Ancient Greeks, who were undoubtedly professionals in winemaking, established the very first wineries on Ukrainian Black Sea Shores.

Today's Ukrainian wine industry is a perfect tandem of traditions and innovations. Both old wineries and modern establishments, created by avid admirers of wine art, deserve your attention.

Modern wine culture in Ukraine has risen from the ashes.

After the massive elimination of vineyards by the Soviet regime due to the anti-alcohol law, the wine industry got a second life only now.

Nowadays, tourists can visit many excellent wine establishments with quality wine lists.

More and more local and foreign tourists are beginning to discover Ukraine from the "wine" side. After visiting the vineyard once, there is a strong desire to find out more about the nation's wine culture and to taste old and modern wines.

The culture of wine tasting has significantly changed in Ukraine over the past decades. More and more citizens have become sincerely interested in what is poured into their glasses.



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The wine routes are well-developed and cover well-known wineries and private traditional family productions of Southern Ukraine 

We promote the development of wine tourism!

ONUT stands for Odesa National University of Technology. The main aim of this establishment is to research foodstuff and beverages, and wine is no exception!

The Ukrainian and international wine industry is important for ONUT.

Together with partners from Armenia, Georgia, and Greece, Academy is eager to change the wine game around the Black Sea region.

We are eagerly waiting for tourists from all over the world! Ukrainian wine is your wine.

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