Prestige Group

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Prestige Group is one of the biggest agro-holding companies in Ukraine. It owns over 2000 hectares of vineyards in the southern Odessa region.

During grape processing, the company uses modern professional equipment and techniques. It helps secure fermentation and provides customers with a unique taste of cognac, sparkling, and still wine.

In the Prestige Group Company, you can visit various events and activities, including tastings.

Guliyev Wine

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The Guliev Winery is located right in the center of the vineyards, which allows producing wine most efficiently due to the small distance from the vineyard to the factory. The quality of Guliev Winery products is high thanks to modern equipment and an exclusively pragmatic approach to the whole winemaking process.

In this winery, you can attend personal and group tastings with the founder of this winery Robert Guliev. You can taste both aged and young wines. Also, vineyard tours and other special events are available for you here.

House of vintage cognacs Tavria

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Tavria is among the most famous and respectable Ukrainian Cognac and Wine manufacturers. At the House of Vintage Cognacs, you can explore Ukrainian wine & Cognac culture and history.

It is pretty noteworthy that this house of Cognacs is located at the same latitude as the famous french City Cognac, which is a stunning fact! It is located in the Kherson region, where the alcoholic beverage culture dates back to ancient times. Here you certainly have many things to see and a great bunch of wines and cognacs to taste. 

Beykush winery

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The Beykush winery is named after the cape, where its vineyards are located. The winery's terrain is stunning: the ground here is surrounded by the Berezan estuary and Beykush Bay.

The whole area of Beykush winery’s vineyards is 11 hectares. It is sufficient to cultivate a considerable range of varieties. Therefore, this winery has a wide choice for its customers. The company even grows a rare variety called Telti Kuruk.

The company's wines are primarily non-traditional blends.

Beykush winery claims that the secret of its success lies in the fact that it has adjusted Western technologies for Ukrainian realities.

Home Wine From Boris

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Boris Peker is an outstanding winemaker with a great passion for his business. He and his spouse Viktoriya started the winery in 2021, and now this little family establishment is flourishing.

The official opening ceremony happened the week before the Russian invasion, so the company had to adapt to new market conditions from the very first days. And they did it! Their winery usually participates in EU wine exhibitions and receives positive feedback from customers and European critics.

Here you can taste great homemade wines and directly converse with winery owners - Boris and Viktoriya.

P.M. Trubeckoj

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The appearance of this winery is impressive: the beautiful old Castle of the Prince, who was in love with wine. It is a great place to visit and feel the aristocratic wine atmosphere.

The Prince Trubeckoj winery offers its customers an opportunity to reside right among the vineyards next to the winery. You can literally feel that around-the-clock wine vibe right here in Kherson.

The wine of Prince Trubetskoj is remarkable for its long lifespan: for over 45 years now, great wine is still great wine! 

Klara Marsala

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This story is not only about wine; it is about love for each other and passion for mutual business.

The lovely Kondratiuk family created many projects during their 30 years of living together. But the last one, little Klara Marsala winery, brought this couple great joy. And it is terrific!

The Klara Marsala Winery is located among lakes and river mouths, right next to Kherson. Here, except for the lovely family vibe, you can find a great bunch of interesting activities.

While visiting the winery, we advise you to attend wine tastings of local varieties. 

Vinhol Oksamitne. Villa Tinta

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The Vinhol Oksamitne vineyard and winery was founded in 1998 in the Velvet settlement, in the Bolgrad District of the Odesa Region, on the land where Count Davydov's vineyard chateau was located 120 years ago.

Today, the company is widely known worldwide, as many excellent results have been achieved in 20 years of its activity. The company very often participated in international wine events.

Customers can enjoy a variety of forms of entertainment here: wine tastings, vineyard tours, communication with winery owners and professional winemakers.

Odesa Classic Wine Factory

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German colonists founded Odesa Classic Winery at the end of the 19th century, and since then, this establishment has been well-known for its high-quality European wines.

The square area of the company's vineyards is about 700 heсtares! Widely famous European and local varieties are growing here on the Black Sea Shore.

Here you can find wines for every taste, from young ones for picnics and parties to old ones for business meetings and special occasions. Here you can find both classic Bessarabian Wine and European. 

Bolgrad winery

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The Bolgrad Winery is one of the most creative Ukrainian wine manufacturers. Their main motto is: "We сreate wine, not rules." And this approach is reflected in the company's workflow: their whole brand appearance is outstanding!

Even though the company is relatively young, its history goes back to the beginning of the 20th century: in 1900, the very first Bolgrad large winery was established.

The Bolgrad Winery offers plenty of enjoyable attractions: tastings, masterclasses, vineyard tours, and more! 

‎Manzul Winehouse

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Manzul Winehouse is a famous small family Winery located half an hour from Odesa city center, in Lymanka village. The owners of this winey are the family of Manzul: great, warmhearted, and sincere people who are passionate about winemaking.

The grape for Manzul wine is growing in Bolgrad - one of the most beautiful regions of the Odesa region. The Manzul family works hard here to provide the best grape for their wines.

The youngest crew member Alina Manzul is responsible for the family winery's improvement: nowadays, this place carries out many interesting wine events, from tasting to discussions.

TM Zelenij gaj

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This winery is located in Voznesensk city, Mykolaiv Region, and specializes in wine and cognac production. The winery produces a wide range of grape wines, as well as several types of cognac. 250-300 thousand deciliters of wine are produced annually. It is such a tremendous amount!

Zeleny Gaj winery exports its products to the EU and other neighboring countries.

Here you can attend a vineyard tour, where a great bunch of different varieties are growing. The winery’s staff is highly attentive to the customers, and here you will get everything you are interested in.