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Shampan Ukrainy is an enormous high-tech factory producing wine material. The breakthrough in approach for Ukrainian winemaking in the 00's undoubtedly started from here. It became possible due to the new school of winemaking specialists, who spearheaded all the changes.

Shampan Ukrainy Factory currently produces a significant quantity of quality wine materials and sparkling wines. The company pays close attention to all the winemaking workflow to ensure that the consumers will get the best wine possible.

While attending the factory, you can participate in various events: tastings and meetings with wine proficients.

Chornomorsʹka Perlyna

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Chornomorsʹka Perlyna is a winery in Berezyanka Village. It is located in a place with beautiful nature. Here many wine tastings are available for you.


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Vinopion is an in-house winery in Bolgrad founded by professional winemaker Iurii Grekov. Despite having only two hectares of wine fields, a founder is ready to prove that the size does not matter. His winery can produce over two thousand liters of excellent wine per year.

And you can become a part of this process. Vinopion provides tours to visitors across his winery, although sharing some unique techniques. And after that, you will be able to taste Iurii himself, and he will share his plans for the future.

TM Zelenij gaj

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This winery is located in Voznesensk city, Mykolaiv Region, and specializes in wine and cognac production. The winery produces a wide range of grape wines, as well as several types of cognac. 250-300 thousand deciliters of wine are produced annually. It is such a tremendous amount!

Zeleny Gaj winery exports its products to the EU and other neighboring countries.

Here you can attend a vineyard tour, where a great bunch of different varieties are growing. The winery’s staff is highly attentive to the customers, and here you will get everything you are interested in.

Babchuk Winery

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It all began with wine; in 2004, Mr. Leonid and his family decided to establish their winery right on the shore of the Southern Bug river. The terrain where the winery was created is stunning: the building stands right on the cliff, where visitors can watch a fantastic view of the river and forests.

Despite the small area of vineyards, the company produces more than 10 thousand liters of wine annually. It is such a remarkable result, achieved due to the hard work of its owners.

When visiting the winery, prepare for great vineyard tours and wine tastings with snacks! 


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Tashbunar is a recently created Ukrainian wine trademark. Its creator, "TVD Agrocapital" LLC, has been manufacturing wine for different companies for more than ten years now. However, to prove they could make high-quality wine themselves, they turned out their own brand-new wine bottling line.

Their wine is grown on the sunny Bessarabian wine fields and has nothing less than a perfect smell and taste. With the first sip of the wine, you will feel the experience of local winemakers and their attention to detail during the manufacturing process.

Leleka Wines

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It is a promising and ambitious project that is definitely worth your attention! The creators of the winery have a clear goal - to create a wine that represents local winemaking traditions. For this, both local and European grape varieties are used.

Leleka means stork in Ukrainian. This bird is very revered in Ukrainian history. The stork symbolizes the purity and beauty of the Wine produced in this winery.

Here, at Leleka Winery, you can experience all the diversity of Ukrainian Wine through wine tastings and other interesting events.

Institute of Viticulture and Enology Tairov V.E.

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Have you ever wanted to explore the wine world from a more scientific angle? Or maybe scrutinize the whole winemaking process from the ground to the wine bottle? Tairov Institute of Viticulture is an excellent opportunity to fulfill your wishes.

This establishment is located in Tairove Village, the Mecca of Ukrainian Winemaking, where dozens of scientists continuously develop new approaches to winemaking, grape cultivation, etc.

The Institute offers exclusive meetings and events with winemakers and winegrowers, wine tastings, and vineyard tours. In this place, you will undoubtedly catch the vine vibe. Cheers! 

Chorna Fortecja

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Bilhorod Dnitrovski is widely known for its remarkable medieval fortress and winery culture. In Chorna Fortecja Winery, these two city features were bound together.

By the way, the city is located at the same latitude as the central European wine regions; therefore, the climate here is suitable for winemaking like nowhere else.

Chorna Fortecja is a cozy family winery established long ago by two brothers with a great passion for the wine craft. The secret wine recipes made a long journey from generation to generation, and nowadays, you can enjoy the original wine right here at Chorna Fortecja Winery.

46 Parallel Wine Group

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46 Parallel Wine Group is a young wine-manufacturing company. The organization's founders, Taras and Anna Gorkun, wanted to show the world that Ukrainian wine is one of the best. And thanks to the scrupulous attention to the manufacturing process, they succeeded.

Made from Ukrainian grapes grown on the 46th wine parallel, all of their sparkling wines achieved second place in the London Wine Competition 2022. And you can enjoy its taste here, in the 46 Parallel Wine Group.


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Odesos winery is a unique and ambitious project in the heart of Odesa. The name of this establishment depicts the region's rich wine history, which dates back to ancient Greeks and their flourishing colony - Odesos.

Quality over Quantity - main Odesos Motto

The modern approach to winemaking in tandem with traditions is indeed bearing fruit. Odessos doesn't possess enormous vineyards, but the quality of the wine they produce is beyond praise!

Odessos is where you can familiarize yourself with all the diversity of local winemaking culture right in the historical city center. Professional staff, which know all about wine and local traditions, will accompany you during this beautiful gastronomic journey. 


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Petrov Winehouse is a family winery created 30 years ago, simultaneously with the declaration of Ukrainian independence. The Petrov family renewed their family business and started producing wine. Each family member has high-quality education in the field of winemaking.

This thorough approach to winemaking reflects right in the quality of wine, which many consumers have approved through the years. The winery's visitors can meet with its owners and participate in tastings and vineyard tours.