Mulled wine festival

14 February

Testing delicious mulled wines according to various authors' recipes. Bright program from theater artists, fun games from our team, incendiary dances, and many gifts from winemakers and organizers

Festival of young wine

22-23 August

These days Kolonist opens a season of harvesting. You will get a unique opportunity to participate in harvesting, crush the grapes barefoot under incendiary music, try fresh squeezed grape juice, discover the colorful Bulgarian culture and drink young wine, which occurs only one time in a year during this period.

Cheese and Wine Festival

22-23 August

The purpose of this event is to popularize the culture of consumption of products of domestic producers, to increase the popularity of wine and gastronomic tourism. Guests of the event will enjoy wine tasting and various delicacies, as well as a fair and sale of folk crafts

Wine Games

Upon request

Wine Games are fun, tasty, and valuable entertainment for guests of restaurants, festivals, and wine events. The primary mission is to increase the wine culture of the Black Sea region in Ukraine. The games can include:

- tasting with wine quizzes as well as a blind comparative wine degustation;

- searching for treasures using unique maps and a presentation of wine producers.

The authors of the Games provided an interactive show for tourists along with entertainment and new wine knowledge.

Cheese, Honey and Wine Festival

Second Saturday and Sunday of September

In addition to satisfying gastronomic and oenological passions, at the Festival you can see how the grapes are squeezed for wine production. And not only to see, but even to try yourself in this business - just for this you need to gather your team of winemakers.

Craft wine festival

Last Saturday of October

As part of the program, winemakers took part in the Battle to determine the best ones, and the guests of the festival were able to get acquainted with the taste and aroma of each presented variety of wine.

Wine festival

First Sunday in November

Within the framework of the festival, several competitions are held: a competition for the best homemade wine, the best dish of national cuisine, and the best souvenir

Bolgrad Wine Fest

Second Saturday and Sunday of November

The competition program of the festival is attended by young home-made wines, represented by domestic and foreign producers. In the nomination "Young wines (homemade)," choose the best red, rosé, and white wine. Previous years' wines are evaluated by varieties - better Cabernet, Aligote, etc. The program also includes a competition of snacks for wine - the best kaurma, brynza. In addition, competitions among presentations of their product and community, a competition of stories, anecdotes about wine and winemaking, souvenirs. The Queen of Wine Festival competition is held separately.