Wine and Heritage

The roots of the world's first wine will bring you to Qvevri wine in Georgia, where winemaking stretches back over 8000 years of history. According to archaeological evidence, the first Georgian wines were made and stored in earthenware vessels called Qvevri. 

Wine and Spa

Wine is the best way of relaxation, but you can make this experience even more enjoyable. After tiring days, you really deserve to unwind. Wine lovers will find it difficult to think of a better way of finding inner peace than a wine and spa wine route. 

Wine and Indigenous Varieties: Saperavi Tour

„Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine has even been granted by the gods to man“ - The Greek philosopher Plato said, what can be better than that? - wine made out of indigenous Georgian grape Saperavi.

Saperavi is an extractive wine with a characteristic bouquet, a harmonious taste and pleasant astringency. It has aromas and flavors of dark berries, licorice, grilled meat, tobacco, chocolate, and spices. 

Wine and Indigenous Varieties: Kisi Tour

The Kisi wine route will take you to Kakheti, the main region of Georgian winemaking. This route was designed for true wine enthusiasts who are looking for unique flavors, rare grape varieties and authentic experiences.

Wine and Gastronomy

Beautiful landscapes, caves, canyons and waterfalls will guide you to the Samegrelo and Imereti regions, both known for their warm hospitality and gourmet food. Breathtaking scenery, small village atmosphere, welcoming hosts and wide variety of wine from west Georgia will make your vacation unforgettable.

If you like conversations with experienced wine experts under the shadows of a village garden, small countryside cellars are waiting for you. Enjoy a breathtaking view on a vineyard or make yourself comfortable by the fireplace in an age-old village house and indulge in a few glasses of local wine, while the host prepares the most delicious dinner with organic products picked directly from the garden. 

Wine and Mountains

It was in the mountains of Racha, secretly from the enemy, that the monks brought grapes to the pristine lands. The monks cared for the unique grape varieties throughout the summer, picking and crushing them on any sunny and golden autumn day. Only the remains of the monks' cellars are preserved in this place, and the history itself has long been forgotten.

Nevertheless, with the help of the local people, the abandoned story of very Rachian wine was revived and now waiting for wine lovers from all over the world.