Teleda - Orgo

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Teldeda Orgo is an artisan winery located in Kakheti region famous for its winemaking history and its fertile climate for harvesting local grape varietals. The winery is based on generational experience. The company produces distinct and elegant limited versions of wines that follow the ancient Georgian Qvevri winemaking technology.

Making wines from old vines in Georgia is a rare and difficult project, Orgo is a labor of love and is one of the only examples of old vine Georgian wines. Orgo wines follow ancient Georgian qvevri tradition but raise it to new heights of elegance. 

Tsinandali Estate

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The interesting and exciting story of the Chavchavadze Estate begins at the start of the 19th century. Exactly two centuries ago, Prince Alexander Chavchavadze, a prominent figure of aristocratic Georgian society of the time, turned his family estate into a cultural-intellectual center boasting a magnificent garden.

He introduced European wine-making technology to Georgia, and created a new standard of Georgian wine. Tsinandali Estate is in fact where wine was first bottled in Georgia.

The best writers, poets and public figures of the 19th century would gather at the Chavchavadze Palace. They called the Tsinandali Estate the “Literary Heart of Poets and Writers”. The brilliant tradition of the Chavchavadze Estate is being continued in the form of the Tsinandali Festival, which has already taken a rightful place on the global map of important cultural events.

Winery Khareba

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Winery Khareba’s „Kvareli Wine Cave” is one of the most unique tourist complexes in Georgia and offers an unforgettable experience to the guests arriving in Kvareli, Kakheti Region. The unique wine cellar and tourist complex is built on the edge of Alazani Valley and is carved into the Caucasus rock massif.

The total length of the Wine Cave is 7.7 km, which consists of two main and 13 connecting tunnels. 26,000 bottles of the best quality wines of "Winery Khareba" are reserved in the main part of the tunnel.

Visitors can also enjoy a large recreational park with a river, ancient pitchers, an old Georgian water mill, a traditional bread bakery, a chacha pen and an ancient cellar. Besides tasting 50 varieties of wine the visitors receive unforgettable tourist experiences such as: Distillation of chacha, Bake bread in a bakery, Dipping Churchkhela and Khinkali making.


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‘Mosmieri’ in the old Georgian language means “a person who drinks and appreciates wine.”

Located in the main winemaking region of Georgia, Mosmieri is a Chateau & Winery combining a traditional winery, a fine-dining restaurant, and a Chateau hotel, surrounded by vineyards and the spectacular Caucasus Mountains. Winery is an integral part of a wine touristic chateau designed in Georgian traditional style with modern elements.

Chateau Mosmieri operates a winery dedicated to the production of high-quality premium wines using modern and traditional Georgian winemaking technologies. Mosmieri remains dedicated to only using local grape varieties: Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Qisi and farming all grapes by hand with organic, traditional Georgian winemaking methods. 

Kindzmarauli Corporation

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Corporation Kindzmarauli is located at the historic Kvareli castle in the town of Kvareli. Its history dates back to 1533, and is connected with the construction of the historical Kvareli fortress in the region. The fortress’s wine cellar produced wine and molasses exclusively for the royal families for much of its history, and now has opened to the wider local and international market.

Nowadays Company owns approximately 150 hectares of vineyards, 100 hectares of which are in the historic Kindzmarauli micro zone. The company produces 25 different varieties of wine and about 10 wine brandies every year, using grapes harvested from its vineyards, as well as from local farmers. 

Chubini Wine Cellar

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Chubini Wine Cellar is a small family winery, producing natural and authentic Qvevri wines. Winery is located in Village Shilda, at the foothills of Caucasus Mountain, with a spectacular panorama view on Alazani River Valley.

Endemic Georgian grape varieties, unique method of Qvevri winemaking, natural and organic approach – these are the characteristics that make Chubini wines special.

Here you can experience famous Georgian Hospitality with its very special meaning. Visitors are hosted personally by the owner, who will introduce the history of Georgian wine making, local grapes and viticulture

Shumi Winery

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Winery and tourist complex Shumi is located in the village of Tsinandali, Kakheti, Georgia, in a historical place bordering the national park and museum of Aleksandre Chavchavadze.

The vineyards of Shumi company are located in the historically famous unique winemaking microzones of Georgia. Shumi owns 300 hectares of vineyards in various microzones throughout Georgia, each with its own terroir, climate, and history.

The ampelographic collection of Shumi, with 325 Georgian Indigenous and 105 foreign vine varieties, is the largest private collection in the world. Shumi’s vineyards, Winery, and Cultural and Tourist Complex allow you to journey through 8,000 years of winemaking tradition while actively experiencing the best of Georgia. 

Chona's Marani

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"Chona’s Marani" is the family winery, located in the city Telavi, Kakheti Region. The family has a long tradition of producing natural wines that is transmitted by generations and is based on Kakhetian traditional technology, which implies producing wine in the Qvevri.

Wine is produced from grapes grown in the family's own vineyards. The vineyard is maintained according to bio-organic rules. Maintenance of the vineyard, grapes, wine making and bottling - is carried out by family members.

In the vineyards of Chona’s Marani, the vintage begins at the end of September. Wine making is traditionally accompanied by Georgian polyphonic songs, which is an integral part of the family and is accompanied by wine tasting.

Rostomaant Marani

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Rostomaant Marani is a small family-run winery in Telavi, Kakheti wine region. Rostomaant Marani, can trace its history back to 1770, when the monk Rostom Orbeliani first cultivated a grape harvest. Their dynasty has passed through six generations of Rostomashvili's.

Vineyard of Rosromaant Marani is located in village Kurdgelauri, in the inner Kakheti, on the right side of river Alazani. Village Kurdgelauri is included in Tsinandali micro-zone, farmhouse as high quality wine land for white grapes, where annual duration of sunshine in a zone is more than 2300 hours.

Currently, the winery produces Rkatsiteli Qvevri, Kikhvi Qvevri, Saperavi Qvevri wines and Chacha. Visitors can enjoy high quality Georgian wine and attend Khinkali making Masterclass and cheese tasting. 

Twins Wine House

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The history of Twins Wine House begins in the 19th century and continues to this day with the determination and efforts of the twin brothers. With the grapes harvested in the sunny vineyards of Kakheti, by combining ancestral traditions and scientific methods, Twins Wine House is producing a drink of outstanding quality.

Twins Wine Cellar is considered not only a winery and cellar but also a museum. "Qvevri and Qvevri Wine Museum" is a unique museum that describes in detail the whole process of qvevri wine making. Visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of Georgian wine and observe all the processes that are necessary for making qvevri wine. 

Guramishvilis Marani

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Guramishvili’s Marani is located in the historic Mtskheta-Mtianeti region of Georgia and has a special historical significance for the area. Guramishvili’s Marani was built in the 19th century by Tadeoz Guramishvili. The cellar is considered as one of the unique architectural monuments of the 19th century. Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking Company reconstructed and reopened it in 2015, equipping the cellar with the latest modern technology and infrastructure.

By combining traditional and modern practices, the winery seeks to preserve old Georgian wine making traditions and continue to raise awareness of Georgia’s cultural heritage.

Visitors are able to get introduced to Georgian culture, ancient Restored Vineyards of the Winery and taste some delicious Georgian wines. This sight of Guramishvilis and St. Ilia the Righteous is one of the most essential and magnificent tourist attractions in Georgia.

Javakhishvilis Cellar

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Javakhishvili Cellar is located in Kvareli, Kakheti region. The ancient architectural style will bring you back to 17th century Georgia. Complex includes: a large cellar, wine tasting rooms, chacha factory, as well as halls for the production and sorting of wine, gazebos and fireplaces.