Baia's Wine

Baia’s Wine is a women-empowered family business in the village of Obcha, one of the first organic wine producers in Bagdati Municipality. This family brings new life and energy to the winemaking scene. Winemakers made wine from endemic grape varieties growing in Western Georgia. 

Baia’s Wine sits in the western part of Georgia, closer to the Black Sea. The Caucasus mountains to the north trap the humid sea air, making it a suitable environment for winemaking. Obcha village has a special microclimate, thanks to which such a fine wine is obtained. 

Baia is often hosting wine events and wine tastings. Visitors can experience warm and welcoming Georgian hospitality here and taste delicious Imeretian dishes.

Additional information

How do tourists book a wine tour? / 00995 599682822

Is the winery open to visitors:

Upon request only

Which languages does the staff speak?

English , Russian



Size of the winery:


Wine categories:

Natural, Qvevri Wine

Grape Varieties used for production

Otskhanuri Sapere, Tsitska, Krakhuna, Tsolikouri

Wine Routes:

Wine and Gastronomy

Wine tour options:

Wine Tasting , Vineyard Tour , Meeting with winegrower/winemaker , Tours with meals/snack , Harvesting

Paying possibilities:

Bank transfer&Cash

Sleeping possibilities:



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Baia's Wine