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(Kentriki Makedonia, Anatoliki Makedonia-Thraki)

Wine and Kings: Route of Macedonian Kings

Taste the wine and history of Macedonian Kings. Start from Vergina-Aigai, the heart of the Macedonian Kingdom and the Palace of Philip II’s, one of the most significant buildings of classical Greece. Travel like a King in this Royal route and visit a handful of wineries towards Naoussa. “Diamantakos winery” will share the story of discovering the ruins of Aristotle's School within their vineyard! It was here that Alexander was taught by the great philosopher.

Reach the Archeological site of ancient Pella were Alexander the Great was born, while heading to the wineries of Goumenissa; the capital of the ancient Paionias, part of Alexander's conquest team to the trip to Asia. Taste the wine of Goumenissa, that according to the myth was the one that Alexander was drinking. Don't miss the opportunity to make a quick stop at Macedonian Tombs in Agios Athanasios just outside the city of Thessaloniki*; named after the sister of Alexander the Great. 

Wine and Kings: Route of Thrones

Your wine tourism experience shall start by discovering wine and the secrets of the land of Cabeiri Gods in Samothraki Island in Thrace, a place of incomparable beauty, with an extensive history of grape growing, wine production, and wine trade. This route pays attribute to historical figures in thrones; like the Queen Arsinoe who lived part of her life in the island. Spend some time in the newly established winery of Melmar and from the city port of Alexandroupolis pass to the famous land of Kikones; an ancient tribe lived in Thrace. Meet the “New” Kikones in Domaine Kikones, a winery with organically cultivated vineyards located in Maroneia. Maroneian tradesmen and bankers excelled in the Hellenistic centers like Odessa. Famous indigenous varieties of Ismaros and Maronia will be found here.

Wine and Greek Myths:Route of Vacchos

This route takes you to one of the most significant winemaking regions in Greece; the place where, according to the myth, Dionysus-Vacchos was born. Start your route from the ruins of the Sanctuary of Dionysus (400 BC) in Kali Vrisi, at the heart of the viticultural zone of Drama. Follow the route to “Ktima Pavlidis”, with a breathtaking building of austere surfaces shielded with limestone offering a guided tour to the vineyard and the amazing cellar. Explore award winning world-class wines of the “Oenops Wines” and “Wine Art Estate'' winery.

Wine and Adventure: Route of Mountains

Do you want to feel the excitement of mountainous activities while visiting a winery? Then this route is tailored for you. Albeit no certified[1] as “high altitude vineyards” exist, you may visit excellent wineries where some of their vineyards are at altitudes around 250-350m. Εnjoy time well spent in nature by taking up mountain bike, climbing, and other outdoor sports, or leisure time in natural thermal baths and gorge streams. Start the route from Mount Vermio (Imathia) and the emblematic winery of “Kir Gianni” enjoy an unforgettable wine tourism experience and tour the estate with friendly bikes. Close by, from the Winery «Argatia» you may find yourself heading to the amazing waterfalls of Metamorphosi. Find also the waterfalls of Skra and the natural lakes in Paiko (Kilkis) mountain where you will meet the family winery of «Chatzivariti Estate»* and taste their natural wines! 

Wine and Adventure:Route of 3S (sea, sun and sand)

Some of the best beaches are minutes away from outstanding vineyards and wineries. This route drives you across the most beautiful seaside and makes your wine trip even more exciting. In some cases, you might also enjoy a yachting experience with wine and food pairing while cruising the sea. The famous destination of Halkidiki for centuries has been verdant with vineyards and olive groves. Start your route from the largest organic vineyard in the country “Domain Porto Carras'' that lays on the western side of the Sithonia Peninsula in Ηalkidiki, dominated by verdant Mount Meliton. Stay in Halkidiki and visit 3 more wineries minutes away from crystal clear blue waters of the sea. “Agrovision winery” might also take you scuba diving in an underwater cellar before heading to the beautiful beaches of Kavala.

Wine and Silk

Silk connects the East with the West from the past till now. Start your wine route from Soufli (Evros) and the winemaking region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Winemaking and silk production revives in Soufli; one of the best tourism villages by the UNWTO. Stay at an old sericulture warehouse that is now a traditional small hotel and taste tsipouro and the wines of “Bellas winery”. Visit a handful of Silk Museums telling the story of the area since 1880. 

Wine and City: Thessaloniki city break

Thessaloniki, the modern multicultural metropolis, nominated Gastronomical city by UNESCO will offer you unforgettable times and experiences. Start the route with the most innovative project for a resilient city; the urban vineyard that brought together Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Municipality and Domaine Gerovasiiliou. People from the neighborhood take care of the vineyard, celebrate during harvesting and the wine produced “Gorgona” (mermaid) is sold by the municipality for social purposes in major gastronomical events. You can meet the winemaker responsible for the wine Vangelis Gerovasilliou and he will tell you how everything began when mayor of the city was another winemaker KirGiannis Boutaris.

Wine and Arts

You know how they say that winemaking is an art! This wine route brings you to Wine Museums and wineries that not only make art with their wines, but they embrace many forms of art; filmmaking, painting, photography, sculpting, performing arts, theater, music, cooking, and all sorts of creative expression and cultural participation within the winery and the vineyard. Start with “Gerovassiliou Wine Museum” with more than 2600 exhibits, rare and unique pieces and the huge collection of corkscrews. Enjoy the open-air art gallery while touring the estate. If you love movies in “Domaine Florian” you shall enjoy a film in the garden every once in a while and if passionate about films discover filmmakers from all over the world during the “Thessaloniki film Festival” or the “Thessaloniki Documentary Festival”.

Wine Philosophy and Poetry: the Route of Aristotle

Follow the route of the great Philosopher of the Classical period of Ancient Greece and visit the family wineries of mountainous Halkidiki. Start from the birth place of Aristotle, ancient Stagira and the archeological site in Olympiada village, it will give you the most amazing view to the sea and the opportunity to get some of the famous mussels too. Climb up the mountain to the «Mademochoria» (mine villages where “Akrathos Newlands Winery” will give you a tour of the organic vineyards located on the eastern slopes of Mount Cholomon facing Mount Athos and Athonian Gulf, where Aristotle and the historic Akanthos wine were born. «Estate Taraza» on the green hills of Megali Panagia will fascinate your taste with its bio-varieties. «Domaine Claudia Papayianni» in Arnaia, one of the most beautiful mountainous villages in Macedonia, will give you the most amazing gastronomical experience. Here you will taste the local mushrooms, roast, honey and diary products.

Wine Philosophy and Poetry: the Route of Homer

In his epic poem Odyssey, Vinosus Homerus, as Oratio describes Homer, the importance of having a wine cellar is documented. Follow the advice of the great poet who describes wine as «meliidis» (sweet), «melifron», (sweetens the mind), and «pafsilipon» (stops sadness). It was this Thracian wine, given to Ulysses by King Maron, that was used in order to get the one-eyed giant Cyclops drunk and safely escape from his cave.

Wine and indigenous varieties: the Route of Xinomavro

Do you want to taste wines from the most distinguished ambassador grape variety of Northern Greece? Xinomavro steps into the Black Sea wine map and is leading the way as top Greek red variety.