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Georgia, with 8000 years of winemaking history

Georgia is proudly claiming the title of the birthplace of wine, as archaeologists have traced the world’s first known wine creation back to the people of the South Caucasus in 6,000BC. Old Georgians used Qvevris, to create unique wine - sometimes for as long as 50 years for a true vintage. Qvevri is an egg-shaped clay vessel, buried under the ground and used all over Georgia to this day.

The Georgian method of making wine in qvevris has been added to the world's intangible cultural heritage list of UNESCO, which has placed Georgia on a special position of worlds wine map. 

Georgia is home to 525 varieties of indigenous grapes—roughly one-sixth of the world’s total grape varieties. Georgia’s vineyards include endangered vines found nowhere else on earth. But the Georgian winemaking tradition had its challenges. When the Soviet Union took control of the country in 1921, this ancient winemaking tradition was pushed underground, where it almost disappeared. During Soviet time, rural winemaking was mechanized, and the wild-looking vines were tamed. In the region of Kakheti, officials uprooted more than 500 native varieties.

With dedication of Georgian winemakers every year more and more rare and endangered grape varieties are coming to light. indigenous grapes, centuries old winemaking tradition and famous Georgian hospitality awaits wine lovers from all over the world visiting Georgia. 

With ancient winemaking traditions and long practiced classical European techniques, Georgia is a true hidden gem, embodiment of a unique mix of history and modernity, tradition and innovation.  



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Georgian Wine Routes

Georgian wine routes cover all wine making regions, from well known Kakheti’s century old vineries to rare mountain wines, from historical treasures of Kartli to warm hospitality and delicious food of western Georgia. Wide variety of grapes, wines, experiences and landscapes are a few hours away from each other, waiting to be discovered and treasured.

The Fund Georgian Center for Agribusiness Development

The Fund Georgian Center for Agribusiness Development (GCAD) represents Georgia in the “SeaOfWine '' Project. GCAD was established in 2006 in Georgia to support economic development of the region, is actively involved in the educational and research field and plays a significant role in development of the country's agricultural sector.

GCAD implements development projects in research and education, as well as production, agriculture, social/environmental issues and other fields. GCAD’s activities include consulting in entrepreneurship and management as well as conducting market research and public opinion surveys. The main goals of the fund include promoting economic development of the region, especially, the fields of agribusiness and agriculture.

Under the SeaOfWine project GCAD is working with the public and private sector, including local associations and wineries in order to prepare a corresponding basis for wine tourism popularization among international visitors. 

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