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HayBuis Armenian Herb and Flower Festival

The festival is dedicated to the excessive variety of Armenian herbs, when you can learn of their different usage methods and healing means. It’s an open-air festival along with different cultural souvenirs and eco foods of the region.

Beer and Food Pairing Day

The event is takes place every year on Zakyan Street,Yerevan where you will meet almost all Armenian beer companies. Various dishes and snacks will be a perfect addition to the beer and will ideally complement its delicious taste.

Honey and Berry Festival

The Honey and Berry Festival is a two-day festival in Berd, dedicated to promoting agriculture, beekeeping, arts and crafts, and tourism.The Festival opens with a jazz concert.

Mulberry Festival

Everything started from the mullbery vodka Karahunj. The festival starts with mulberry harvest and then you can enjoy the distilling process of vodka. Afterwards the tasting comes with delicious Armenian food and dance-folk music.

Areni Wine Festival

The “Areni Wine” Festival is held every autumn in the village of Areni, Vayots Dzor, which is famous for its great winemaking traditions. Residents of the local and surrounding communities present their wines, assortment of the best Armenian cheese, national dishes and souvenirs at the fair.

Yerevan Wine Days

Every year on May, Yerevan Wine Days gathers of 0enophiles on Saryan Street for tasting Armenian wines and dishes. Masterclasses, blind tastings and live music will cheer you up!

Harvest Festival Rural Life and traditions

Farmers from Armenia but also from neighboring countries (Artsakh, Georgia, Iran) take part in the festival. Guests of the festival can taste and buy various rural products.

Sevan International Music Fest

With the start of the Summer, the Festival combines the youth from around the world at shores of Blue Lake Sevan to enjoy the music and to perform the music.

Arts and Crafts Festival

The Arts and Crafts Festival, held in Dilijan, promotes regionally-specific arts and crafts, including decorative arts like pottery, blacksmithing, woodworking, and national cuisine.

Diliton Festival

On the last Sunday of every summer month, local cooks and artisans of Dilijan and six surrounding villages come together for DiliTon, a local fair showcasing the cultural heritage of the region. Visitors can learn folk dances, try their hand at making crafts, participate in games and competitions, and of course taste the wide variety of local dishes.

Ecotourism Festival

Find out where the festival will take place this year. That is somehere where the air is pure and the nature is untouched. Hence, the food, fruits, vegetables, and meat, are of high quality and of delicious taste.

Gutan Folk Festival

The open-air festival calls you to touch the space sounds of Armenian folk music performed by the best groups. Be inspired, you will learn about different Armenian dance styles

My Handmade Armenia

The festival features an open-air exhibition of the artisans’ works at the Cafesjian Sculpture Garden. You can have also diffenrent kind of master-classes

1000 Years of Village Life

The "1000 Years of Village Life" Festival is dedicated to rural life and traditions. The guests of the festival can become part of rural life by staying with the host family for one day and following the family life. During this time you can learn the secrets of beekeeping and extract the honey from the honeycombs, watch the wool-making and carpet-making processes, and get acquainted with traditions of rural life.

Tavush Wine Days

Along with Ararat Valley and Vayots Dzor, Tavush is one of Armenia’s most important wine regions.You can enjoy wines of the local producers along with most popular fruit vodkas are those made from cornelian cherry, wild pear, and plum.

Gata Festival

Gata is an Armenian national cookie. Cooks and local women will present the participants the different types of gatas and offer master classes in cooking them.

Tolma Festival

Tolma is a traditional dish made from grounded meat rolled with the grape leaves. During the festival the cooks from the different regions of Armenia present their version of tolma. For the tasting. There are also experts who identify the winners if the festival.

Yell Extreme Birthday

The most exciting time to visit this picturesque Park is for its birthday celebration Festival. While experiencing the Park’s activities, visitors can enjoy music performances, cocktail and snack bars, and as a weekend vacation, a night out camping with friends under the stars.

Yerevan Music Night

Yerevan Music Night brings together music lovers and cheers them up on Charles Aznavour Square. During the evening citizens and city guests attend concerts, performed in various music styles and genres and enjoy performances by the best artists.