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Wine and Ships

Wine and Ships are inevitable parts of Southern Ukraine, so visiting the route is a great way to discover this beautiful region.

On your way from Mykolaiv to Odesa, you may observe two rivers merge, walk along spectacular bridges, visit the shipbuilding museum, and learn about the region's naval history. Many local winemakers are waiting for you here to invite you to tastings and tell you about the marine fame of Odesa & Mykolaiv.

Wine and Urban Life

The route can be represented in three words: Wine, Pleasure, and Odesa.

The unique atmosphere of this city will not leave anyone indifferent.

Majestic and diverse architecture, fashionable wine bars and restaurants are those integral components of the city's inimitable style. So Let's explore Odesa and its Wine Heritage together! 

Wine and Parks

It is an amazing route, which will help you chill from all the city noise and dive into Ukrainian Natural Reserves and Parks. Here you can find marvelous landscapes, rare animal species, and the perfect wine!

It is an excellent option for nature lovers who also want to enjoy wines in the charming atmosphere of Southern Ukraine's flora and fauna.

Wine and Legends

Odesa region is full of legends from ancient and medieval times. Ancient Greeks created wineries here and developed their culture and traditions.

To feel the vibe of legends, you should visit one of the world's most ancient cities, Olbia. Here you can feel like an ancient philosopher by tasting wine of the best local and European Varieties.

Wine and Family

Family is one of the most valuable aspects of our life. It is beautiful when all the family members are gathered around one business, especially the winemaking one!

Ukrainian Family Wineries are a common phenomenon all around the Southern part of the country. Thus, Wine and Family Route is all about family coziness, love, and wine. Throughout it, you have an excellent opportunity to discover the wine and local family values and traditions.

Ready? Steady. Go! 

Wine and Art

The Wine and Art Route is all about local wine culture, but not a usual one. Through this Route, you can discover all the local Ukrainian architecture and art traditions with a glass of excellent wine.

Here you can feel the unique charm of the Odesa region's local architecture and wine craft. Exciting and outstanding people will accompany you throughout this Route: family winery owners, best winemaking experts, and extravagant wine lovers. We are eagerly waiting for you!

Wine and Nature

The pace of modern life has increased to the point where we may need a moment to unwind. We need the source for a reboot; the best is nature.

In combination with wine, nature becomes even better. In Ukraine, the best way to do it is to visit the Wine and Nature Route locations.

Wine and Ethnos

Wine and Ethnos is an entertaining and exciting route that allows you to visit many ethnic museums and walk along the shores of Yalpug Lake. This route also gives you an opportunity to explore the influence of different nations on Ukrainian Winemaking: from Greeks and Germans to French and Italians. 

Wine and Religion

Wine culture is one of the irreplaceable Christian traditions: the drink is mentioned numerous times in the Bible. This beverage represents Christ's blood and is frequently used in sacrament ceremonies.

This Route is an excellent representation of Orthodox and Catholic Wine History. Here you can visit various churches and cathedrals, get acquainted with their architecture, and attend many activities in local thematic wineries.