Wine and Urban Life

The route can be represented in three words: Wine, Pleasure, and Odesa.

The unique atmosphere of this city will not leave anyone indifferent.

Majestic and diverse architecture, fashionable wine bars and restaurants are those integral components of the city's inimitable style. So Let's explore Odesa and its Wine Heritage together! 

Odesa and wine are a pretty great duo, which is waiting for you! What is waiting for you here? Mecca of Ukrainian Winemaking

In 1905, a tiny Tairove village near Odesa changed rapidly: it became the capital of wine craft.

Here you can figure out the scientific aspect of winemaking at the Tairov Institute of Wine and join tastings in the oldest Odesa winery.

Unique architecture & Wine Establishments

Deribasovska Street, Primorsky Boulevard, Vorontsov LightHouse and Opera Theater are your primary targets. Also, At Odesa City Center, you can visit several exciting Wine establishments.

Odesos Winery

It is the First Ukrainian Urban Winery ever! Since its vineyards are not very large, establishment owners stick to the simple philosophy: quality over quantity. That is why both clients and experts so highly value their products.

Other Wine Places to visit:

Wine and Pillow: beautiful wine restaurant in a historical building

Old Oak Restaurant: the establishment with a high-quality wine list.

ArtWine Cafe: a place with a wide choice of local wines.

Odesa is not an open book for everyone: you have to come here and feel the city wine vibe on your own. We are waiting for you! 





Wine and Urban Life