Wine and Ships

Wine and Ships are inevitable parts of Southern Ukraine, so visiting the route is a great way to discover this beautiful region.

On your way from Mykolaiv to Odesa, you may observe two rivers merge, walk along spectacular bridges, visit the shipbuilding museum, and learn about the region's naval history. Many local winemakers are waiting for you here to invite you to tastings and tell you about the marine fame of Odesa & Mykolaiv.

Great Wine and Ships wineries to visit:

Slivyno Winery

The Molchanov Family was the first in Ukraine to open a craft winery. They opened their business in 2016, and two years later, they got a license.

Here you can taste many DIY wines.

Family Winery "Home Wine From Boris"

Boris Peker is an exceptional winemaker with a strong commitment to his craft. He and his wife Viktoriya founded the winery in 2021, and it is now a thriving family business.

You may try exceptional handcrafted wines in this winery and speak personally with the winery founders, Boris and Viktoriya.

Koblevo Winery

When the English colonist Thomas Koble settled in the southern part of Ukraine in the 18th century, he founded the winery known as Koblevo. He handled the expansion of farming in the area. Numerous blooms and excellent wine await you.

Wine and Ships Route is a great way to explore the rich region's history. Let's go!

Beautiful Wineries and landscapes are waiting for you here. Except for wineries, you can also visit:

- Mykolaiv Shipbuilding Museum

- National Natural Park "Buzkiy Gard"

- Svyatoslav White Coast

- Berezan Lake





Wine and Ships