Wine and Religion

Wine culture is one of the irreplaceable Christian traditions: the drink is mentioned numerous times in the Bible. This beverage represents Christ's blood and is frequently used in sacrament ceremonies.

This Route is an excellent representation of Orthodox and Catholic Wine History. Here you can visit various churches and cathedrals, get acquainted with their architecture, and attend many activities in local thematic wineries. 

The main Wine and Religion Route Wineries to visit:

Natalya and Mar'yan Shevchenko Winery

This winery was founded a decade ago by the young Shevchenko family. Their family firm faced significant challenges initially, but it is now well-known in Odesa, Ukraine, and abroad. Here you can have wine tastings and small talks on religion.

Shampan Ukrainy Factory

Shampan Ukrainy Factory currently manufactures a considerable amount of high-quality wine materials and sparkling wines.

While visiting the factory, you can take part in numerous events, such as tastings and meetings with wine experts, who will tell you about wine's role in religion.

The wine & religion route is an excellent opportunity to discover local traditions!

Wine is inextricably linked to religion, and religion is related to wine. Explore this beautiful tandem on this route!





Wine and Religion