Wine and Parks

It is an amazing route, which will help you chill from all the city noise and dive into Ukrainian Natural Reserves and Parks. Here you can find marvelous landscapes, rare animal species, and the perfect wine!

It is an excellent option for nature lovers who also want to enjoy wines in the charming atmosphere of Southern Ukraine's flora and fauna.

Excellent Places to visit!

The winery of Prince P.M. Trubeckoj

It is a beautiful 18th Century Winery created by Prince Trubeckoj. This winery allows its customers to live among the vineyards next to the winery, where you can plunge into an aristocratic wine atmosphere.

The Klara Marsala Winery

The Klara Marsala Winery is located in Kherson, among lakes and river mouths. Along with the friendly family vibe, a large variety of engaging activities are available here.

Family winery Handmade Wine

Handmade Wine is a family winery and a creative environment for anyone interested in learning how to make Wine. The lovely Ovchinnikov family owns this establishment.

Visit Wine and Parks Route right now! Only here can you thoroughly enjoy the beautiful tandem of Nature and Wine.

The owners of local wineries pay great attention to the quality of their service and the satisfaction of their guests, so here it always feels like home!





Wine and Parks