Wine and Legends

Odesa region is full of legends from ancient and medieval times. Ancient Greeks created wineries here and developed their culture and traditions.

To feel the vibe of legends, you should visit one of the world's most ancient cities, Olbia. Here you can feel like an ancient philosopher by tasting wine of the best local and European Varieties.

Best Wine and Legends wineries:

Koblevo Winery

Koblevo is an 18th-century settlement where you can learn about its rich history and legends. Here you can communicate with professional winemakers, who will lift the curtain of interesting facts from the life of this winery.

Slivyno Winery

The Molchanov Family established Ukraine's very first handmade winery. The vineyards of this winery are located on the banks of the Southern Bug near Siivyno Village. Such a beautiful place is ideal for tastings and legend research.

Olivia Nuvo

Olivia Nuvo is a small but exceptional family winery in Parutino Village, Mykolaiv Region. Pablo Magaliac founded it in 2013, next to Ukrainian National Park Olivia. There was a great winemaking town in this region.

Wine and Legends are waiting for you here!

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Wine and Legends