Wine and Art

The Wine and Art Route is all about local wine culture, but not a usual one. Through this Route, you can discover all the local Ukrainian architecture and art traditions with a glass of excellent wine.

Here you can feel the unique charm of the Odesa region's local architecture and wine craft. Exciting and outstanding people will accompany you throughout this Route: family winery owners, best winemaking experts, and extravagant wine lovers. We are eagerly waiting for you!

Visit the most remarkable Ukrainian wineries with stunning architecture and people!

Here is just a couple of Wine & Art wineries we strongly recommend you to visit:

Vinorobnya «Don Alejandro Winery»

That is the center of local DIY & Esthetic wine culture. Here you can find unique pieces of modern art related to wine. The winery is managed by an outstanding Don Alejandro, who is in desperate love with wine.

SHABO Wine Culture Center

Beautiful old winery architecture, in tandem with modern tourist infrastructure, is waiting for you here. Visitors can experience the uniqueness of the winery through numerous tastings, excursions, and discussions with true wine experts.

Tairove Village

This settlement is the Ukrainian Winemaking Mecca. Here you can visit Tairove Winery, established at the beginning of the XX century, and the famous Institute of Viticulture.

There are also a great couple of restaurants right at the center of Odesa and thematic places where you can taste local Ukrainian wine.

Tune into the Wine & Art wave & visit Ukraine!

The location includes a large number of restaurants in family wineries. Here you can get a positive charge for many months to come!





Wine and Art