Wine Way to Nature Wonders

Fancy a dinner near the vineyard? Paired with white, rose and red Armenian wines? Nver and his wife, the owners of the first Momik Wine Cube in Armenia will welcome you warmly. Areni Wine Factory specializes in fruit wines production. Don’t miss to try the pomegranate wines made from the best Armenian fruits.  Right next to Areni Wine Factory, Hin Areni is located where wines are perfectly paired with local dishes in their rustic style restaurant. If you are lucky, you will enjoy your meal accompanied with live music! Try not to get carried away by the wines because adventure awaits for you!

Wine Way to Nature Wonders

However as the journey is long, you may wish to to spend the night at “Under the Walnut Tree"" for B&B, where you can also take traditional masterclasses like vodka distillation, honey squeezing, and bake the Armenian traditional sweet cake "Gata" in a Tonir. You may stay at Hotel Arevi taking some hiking tours. Continue your tour and discover the Khndzoresk Caves and walk on the Swinging Bridge. The engineering wonder, Tatev Aerial Tramway, is included in the Record Guinness book as the longest reversible aerial tramway in the world. The tramway will take you to the other side where the 9th century Tatev Monastery dominates the landscape. Thirsty for adventure? The people of Legend’s trail will guide you through one of the numerous trails available. Wear comfortable shoes and start walking!

Enthusiastic and highly experienced young people will guide you in Tandzaver village. With Tandzaver – Mountain Spirit, whether you choose to hike, ride a bike or a horse, the team will make sure that you are safe and have seen it all!





Wine Way to Nature Wonders