Old Bridge Winery

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Owned by Armen and Ashkhen Khalatyans, Old Bridge is a boutique winery that specializes in creating red dry Areni Reserve and white Voskehat wines. The red wines have won several gold and silver medals at well-known contests such as Mundus Vini and Mondial. Pair the wines with delicious Armenian dishes and Armenian olives from the most southern part of the country. Enjoy your stay at the B&B Old Bridge located on the top of Yehegnadzor which offers nice views of the mountains and the Areni valley!

Karas Wines

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Sustainability, family, tradition and expertise come together at Karas Wines, an Armenian winery seated under the eternal gaze of Mount Ararat. Established by Eurnekian family, Karas is the pioneer of the Armenian Wine Rebirth with a mission to produce world-class vintages from their own vineyards in Armavir, Armenia. “Karas”, the winery name, means “amphora” in Armenian, a sacred wine-making clay vessel used in this region for 6,200 years.

Areni Wine Factory

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The winery is among the oldest and most well-established in the area. It was initiated by the Simonyan family from the village of Areni with a goal of enriching winemaking traditions of the region and across the country. The winery has welcomed some 30,000 visitors every year since 2012. Here you can taste wines made from grapes and other fruits. The fruits for the pomegranate wine are exclusively grown and brought to the winery from Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). Visit the winery shop where you can find souvenirs and handmade gifts as well as a selection of wines for purchase.

Μomik Wines.Wine Cube

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Momik’s vineyard and WineCube are just west of Areni village, about 10 minutes from where the main highway passes through Areni. The owners, Nver and Narine, have been producing their own wine for 20 years. They named their wine brand “Momik” after the 14th century architect who built their village’s church and the Noravank Monastery. A key feature of Momik is the innovative WineCube—a tasting-room structure right in the vineyard. Tour the vineyard, taste wines, enjoy local food, and learn the ancient craft of khachkar (cross-stone) making. Narine can teach you how to make your own and then take your souvenir back home!

Azaria Winery

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Azaria was founded by Hrant and Marine Yeghiazarian. The wine name comes from the last part of their last name - Azaria. The old grapevine is a symbol for the family history of the founders. The company offers three types of wines: Azaria Areni, Azaria Haghtanak-Areni and Azaria Kangun. The vines for latter are grown at the Azaria family vineyards in the Ararat valley.

Van Ardi Wines

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Van Ardi is one of the first boutique wineries in Armenia. The family-run winery, is located in the ancient winemaking area with its unique terroir of Aragatsotn region. The vineyards of Van Ardi were established in 2008 by the winemaker Varuzhan Mouradian, whose vision is to help Armenia's wine culture flourish. Mr Mouradian and his family moved from California to Armenia. Van Ardi's mission is to put Armenia on the global wine map with its unique, elegant, and award-winning wines of quality and character.

Trinity Canyon Vineyards

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Τhis winery is the first in Armenia to release a certified organic wine. Trinity focuses on quality over quantity. The story started when three (Trinity) enthusiasts decided to step into the mysterious world of wine crafting. Assisted by an equally passionate group of winegrowers and winemakers, they established a unique vineyard in the Vayots Dzor Highlands. For Trinity, the focus has been on producing organic wine with minimal yield and without the use of modern mass production practices. The award-winning Trinity wines are filled with faith, traditions, and legends that will always serve as a beacon for all undertakings of Armenian winemakers.

Aratashen Winery

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Enjoy wine looking at the young vineyards. Inside our guest house you find yourself in a cozy, artfully designed space in which it is pleasant to relax and communicate. The biblical Ararat, the Aragats mountain and the beautiful Mount Ara surround the winery and vineyard. Taste of national wines and dishes, cycling tours and do-it-yourself master classes.

Proshyan Brandy Factory

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Decades of dedicated work resulted in the winery’s widest range of alcoholic beverages in Armenia. It is easy to reach as it is located on the edge of Yerevan. Frunzik is the most recent wine series presented by Proshyan. The company also offers a variety products: brandy, wine, vodka, and sparkling wine. In the winery, don't miss to discover the owners' awe-inspiring collection of mini alcohol bottles. Find a few hundred bottles from various countries.

Armenia Wine

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This winery is constructed in accordance with the best traditions of Armenian architecture and resembles a medieval fortress. The winery offers tailor-made, unique tourist experiences that include tours around wine production facilities, wine tastings, picnics in the heart of organic vineyards, and even helicopter tours. Here you will enjoy a mesmerizing view of Mount Ararat. Armenia Wine produces still, sparkling, and fortified wines from local grape varieties such as Kangoun, Voskehat, Areni, and Haghtanak, as well as well-known international varieties.

Alluria Wines

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The history of Alluria winery started in the small village of Aylur near Van in what is today Turkey, where the Machanyan family owned vineyards centuries ago. Inspired by the family’s winemaking traditions through several centuries, today’s wines are reds from Haghtanak, Karmrahyut, and Kndhoghni grape varieties; as well as Alluria the Beauty from Voskehat. The wines are made by traditional methods, with spontaneous fermentation, meaning that no commercial yeasts and sulfites are added.

ArmAs Estate

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Golden Grape ArmAs, was founded by Armen Aslanian who repatriated to his motherland. The estate holds 180 hectares of land, where Armenian indigenous grape varieties are grown, each of them creating harmonically balanced unique wines, full of culture, history, and traditions. The ArmAs Estate is revitalizing Armenia’s winemaking legacy in the one of the oldest known area for viticulture .Welcome to ArmAs! Witness the new era of Armenian winemaking!