Wine Way to Masterpieces

It is said that wine is the only art work you can drink. Fancy a dinner near the vineyard? Paired with white, rose and red Armenian wines? Nver and his wife, the owners of the first Momik Wine Cube in Armenia will welcome you warmly. At Arhestanoc studio Arpine will show you how to draw Armenian ornaments or letters on a scard or a T-shirt. Make your own, personalized gift.

Trinity Canyon Vineyards boasts the first organic vineyards in Armenia. The winemaker talented though young, will familiarize you with the various wines he has crafted. In Old Bridge Winery and Restaurant, Armenian cuisine is at its best! Start with Armenian olives from the Meghri region, a variety of local cheese and the signature red wine of the Old Bridge Winery. You may even try the same wine from different vintages! 

Wine Way to Masterpieces

In Yeghegnadzor Art Gallery, marvel at the work of Armenian and foreign artists. Look around the paintings and you will identify the ones that reflect the winemaking culture of Vayots Dzor.

Are you good with your hands? Under experienced guidance anybody can create a masterpiece! At Yegheg, participate in a basket or a bottle cover weaving masterclass. There are options for children, as well. At Artyom Yerkat you will be amazed at how he creates pieces of art, recycling materials such as wood, clay, stone, iron, linoleum, cardboard, and feathers. Participate in a masterclass, make your own collage and take it home.





Wine Way to Masterpieces